Solvay Spins Off Specialty Business Syensqo

In December of 2023, Solvay completed the spinoff of its Specialty business to Syensqo.

Syensqo comprises two business segments that were previously under the Solvay umbrella: Materials and Consumer & Resources.

Syensqo’s Materials division primarily serves the automotive and aerospace sectors. Consumer & Resources is focused on manufacturing solutions for a wide range of applications that include home, personal care, and agriculture.

According to Syensqo officials, its portfolio addresses environmental and social challenges through electrification, lightweighting, advanced connectivity, resource efficiency, improving quality of life, and sustainable sourcing. The company has identified its four major growth platforms as battery materials, green hydrogen, thermoplastic composites, and renewable materials and biotechnology.

Syensqo Galden® PFPE

The Galden® PFPE line of high-performance fluorinated fluids is one of the many product lines now under the Syensqo label, and Sales and Service will continue to carry them as part of our line card.

Galden fluids are widely used in a number of applications (including heat transfer) within the semiconductor manufacturing industry. They are also ideally suited for use as cooling fluids in EV battery and charging systems.

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