The Future of
EV Fluid Technology

Solvay/Syensqo Specialty Polymers offer the optimum combination of performance, safety, economics and ease of maintenance for electric vehicles and high powered EV charging stations.

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Enabling High Performance
and Rapid Charging for EVs

The high powered EV batteries and charging stations of tomorrow will require advanced, high-performance cooling fluids to operate safely and reliably.

Solvay/Syensqo Specialty Polymers are precision engineered to meet these exacting specifications. Providing the utmost in safety, reliability, performance and economics, Solvay/Syensqo Specialty Polymers will help enable the super-fast charging times that mainstream consumers will demand from EVs.

Why Solvay/Syensqo

Specialty Polymers?

Solvay/Syensqo Specialty Polymers, particularly Solvay/Syensqo® Galden® EV110 and EV135, are ideally suited to EV cooling applications due to:

  • Wide operating temperatures
  • Excellent dielectric properties, including highdielectric strength
  • High resistivity
  • Low viscosity
  • Low cost of ownership
  • No galvanic corrosion or rusting potential
  • No change in resistivity over long periods of use
  • Lifetime fluid service in a sealed system, zero fluid degradation
  • Completely inert
  • Non aqueous, will not absorb water or become conductive

Solvay/Syensqo Specialty Polymers are also exceptionally safe for handlers, maintenance personnel and end consumers, due to:

  • No toxicity
  • No flash point or fire point
  • No explosion hazard
  • No potential for short-circuiting of electronics if leakage occurs

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