3M ends production of all PFAS

Major changes in the fluorinated fluids market

As you may know, 3M shook up the fluorinated fluids market back in December with their announcement that the company will fully exit per- and polyfluoroalkyl substance (PFAS) manufacturing work.

This includes the entire line of 3M Novec™ and Fluorinert™ fluids, including FC40, FC80, FC72, FC7200, and FC84, among others.

This move potentially leaves many fluorinated fluids customers scrambling to find a new supplier. After all, fluorinated fluids are a critical part of many essential industrial applications, including semiconductor manufacturing, hybrid engines, EV batteries and EV charging equipment.

Solvay Galden® PFPE is the ideal solution

For manufacturers and engineers across a wide variety of industries, Solvay provides the ideal replacement for 3M fluorinated fluids with their Galden line of specialty and advanced polymers. These high-performance, inert, fluorinated fluids are already widely used in the semiconductor industry for heat transfer and other high-tech applications.

Solvay Galden fluids also have characteristics that make them ideal for a wide range of EV applications, including as a cooling fluid for both EV batteries and the next generation of high-current charging cables.

3M’s exit makes Solvay the clear global market leader for fluids in these applications.

Sales & Service is the exclusive distributor of Solvay Galden fluids

SSI is the exclusive NAFTA distributor of Solvay test, vapor phase and manufacturing fluids. Contact us today for more information about finding the right fluid for your semiconductor, EV, or other industrial application.

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