3M ends production of all PFAS

Major Changes in the Fluorinated Fluids Market


In a move that sent ripples through the industry, 3M announced last December that they would be exiting the manufacturing of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS). This includes discontinuing their entire line of Novec™ and Fluorinert™ fluids, such as FC40, FC80, FC72, FC7200, and FC84, among others. This decision has left many customers in the fluorinated fluids market searching for a reliable alternative, especially those in essential sectors like semiconductor manufacturing, hybrid engines, and electric vehicle (EV) technology.


Introducing Solvay Galden® PFPE: The Ready-to-Implement Solution


For those left in the lurch by 3M’s exit, Solvay offers a timely and effective solution with their Galden® line of specialty and advanced polymers. These high-performance, inert, fluorinated fluids are ready for immediate implementation. They have already gained widespread acceptance in the semiconductor industry for heat transfer and other high-tech applications.

Solvay’s Galden fluids are also ideally suited for a broad range of EV applications. They serve as an excellent cooling fluid for both EV batteries and the next generation of high-current charging cables.


Solvay: The New Global Market Leader


With 3M’s departure, Solvay has emerged as the clear global market leader for fluids in these critical applications. Their ready-to-implement solutions offer a seamless transition for industries affected by 3M’s exit.


Sales & Service: Your Exclusive Distributor for Solvay Galden Fluids


Sales & Service Inc. is proud to be the exclusive NAFTA distributor for Solvay’s test, vapor phase, and manufacturing fluids. Contact us today to learn how our ready-to-implement solutions can meet your needs in semiconductor, EV, or other industrial applications.

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